S.1 Term 01; Introduction to O-Level Physics.

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Physics falls under a broader category of Science. Science is divided into three areas namely Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The main objective of these subjects is to study and try to understand the universe and everything in it.

What is physics?

Physics is the branch of science which deals with matter and its relation to energy.

It involves the study of physical and natural phenomena around us. Examples of these phenomena are the formation of a rainbow, the occurrence of the eclipse, the fall of things from up to down, the cause of sunset and sunrise, the formation of shadow, and many more.

Physics as a subject is divided into six broad branches as discussed below.

i) Mechanics
This branch deals majorly with motions under the influence of forces. Under this branch, we look into details the aspects of linear, circular, and oscillatory motions as well as the motion of fluids

ii) Geometrical Optics

This branch takes a keen look at the behavior of light in various media.

iii) Electricity and magnetism
This branch looks at the interaction between electric fields and magnetic fields and the applications of such interactions.

iv) Thermodynamics
This branch looks at how heat as a form of energy is transformed to/from other forms of energy.

v) Atomic Physics
This area of study is targeted at the behavior of particles of the nucleus and the accompanying energy changes.

vi) Waves
It deals with the study of the propagation of energy through space.

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Course Content

Introduction to Physics

  • 08:42
  • Branches of physics
  • Importance of studying physics and its careers
  • The physics laboratory
  • Quiz on laboratory use and safety
  • Activity of integration

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